We have the know-how and we’re happy to pass that on to you and your business.  After all it’s what you know not who you know, right?  Let us equip you with the expertise you need.

Social media training:

Concierge-PR offer social media training to business owners and their employees; we can offer one off general training at your premises as well as targeted campaign specific exercises, on-going and one-off training sessions.  Discuss your requirements with us and we will accommodate your needs.

Campaign strategy:

It is imperative that a business has consistency.  A consistent brand message, tone of voice and visual appearance all go towards giving your consumers an experience that they won’t forget, and be easily recognisable for further brand engagement.  Concierge-PR can create that message for you, and support your campaign when it is implemented.

General brand understanding:

Whether your brand has been in place for several years or if you are new to the market, it is of paramount importance that your employees understand exactly what brand values you have; and how those values are conveyed to your customers and clients.  Concierge-PR can train up your business to be equipped for every eventuality, with one-off sessions to ongoing requirements.