Social Media

We offer a bespoke social media management service.. we make sure we understand your brand, your goals and your vision and when we build our plan for your social media, these are the cornerstones. Your business is our business, however much or little we handle for you!

We always say to our potential customers who come to us because they’re not handling their own social media well or because they haven’t got the time it takes, “You don’t have to hire us, but do yourself a favour and hire someone… and when you do, make sure it’s someone good, someone who takes social media seriously”!

Social media is the most powerful platform for your business to talk to your customers… and talking to your customers is the way forward for a business of any size! Talking to your customers creates an open dialogue and gives your business a personality. We’ve been using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest since they became mainstream tools, so take it from us, you need them to work for you.

  • With good social media, you can get your brand and your message across to tens of thousands of potential customers.
  • With good social media you can make yourself and your brand accessible to existing and potential customers.
  • With good social media you can build your brand’s identity and gain fans and customers.

Concierge-PR can help you take the first step towards social media.  We can equip your business with the tools and know-how to run with social media, or we can take over your accounts and do all the work for you.  Whatever you need, basic social media interaction, social media support during a campaign, day-to-day management or interim holiday cover, you can leave it to us to get social media working for you.