“The Cotswolds Mystery”, PR Campaign.

In May 2014 we launched THE COTSWOLDS MYSTERY, a PR campaign putting focus on The Cotswolds with two key aims; to promote the area through encouraging tourism and to bring The Cotswolds together uniting locals with local businesses.


With this campaign, local businesses have come together to promote The Cotswolds in a brand new way. The businesses and the people in the story are all real, the story is fictional; a whodunit where all the sheep in The Cotswolds have disappeared and the reader must try and find out which one of the suspects is responsible.


THE COTSWOLDS MYSTERY is a written story where a new chapter is released every Friday for 11 weeks. Readers and followers are encouraged to send suggestions to the story, illustrations, ’sheep sightings‘ and more. Each week a prize was offered and at the end of the 11 weeks all is revealed and among those who took part, a wonderful holiday in The Cotswolds was drawn.