Concierge-PR is fronted by Mette Poynton of Cotswolds Concierge. She has extensive knowledge of PR and marketing, most recently and currently from marketing The Cotswolds through Cotswolds Concierge, The Cotswolds Awards, The Cotswolds Charity Tea Party and from our big Cotswolds PR Campaign, The Cotswolds Mystery, a large online PR campaign with a fun twist: One day, all the sheep in The Cotswolds disappeared… but WHODUNIT?

Alongside a team of brilliant and passionate professionals, Mette is able to offer services in business building through: marketing, branding, social media, training and what we like to call our PR services, “storytelling“.

If we don’t offer something which we think your business needs then we have a huge list of preferred suppliers who we know and trust and who we are pleased to recommend.  We can be your ‘one stop shop’ for engaging consumers and building your brands, leaving you free to do what you do best.